Topography and Tapas

Topography and Tapas

Just back from a delicious three day shoot in the mountains of the Sierra de Tejeda in southern Spain. It was my first visit to the area and I’m sure it won’t be the last. What a privilege to be taken to the most beautiful out of the way spots for the pleasure of filming.

We’re very fortunate in that respect. Our clients are invariably great people with interesting stories that we love to help them tell.

In this case, the location was stunning, the hospitality perfection and the sun shone.

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Only a few miles (as the Spanish crow flies) inland from Nerja, these spectacular 2,000m marble mountains form a natural barrier between the provinces of Malaga and Granada. Over 40,000 hectares is designated as a natural park, and quite right too. The most amazing thing though is the quietness. We spent around half an hour at this location by the roadside up in the mountains and a grand total of three cars passed. A sound recordist’s dream!

We were shooting for a film telling the story behind a fabulous organic olive farm a little lower down the mountains which has spectacular views across this gorgeous landscape and provides truly exclusive accommodation. It’s a great story and a perfect place to recharge the batteries, both in the equipment and in the soul! The view from the farmhouse across to the Sierra Nevada some 40km away to the east is stunning, particularly as they still have snow on the upper slopes.

Despite the proximity to the coast, the mountains create a formidable barrier and this is real Spain, a land of wild “campo”, fertile plains and quiet villages; of dusty roads and parched summer grass although springtime sees green hillsides and a riot of blossom on the almond trees. Trees are quite a feature; Tejeda (tejo) means Yew which once formed the dominant vegetation.


Here’s a handy travel tip, all bars in the province of Granada are required to serve tapas free with every drink. They’re lovely tapas too, it seems that the competition between establishments is based on the quality of tapas. Now that’s what I call civilised.


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