C shells on The One Show

Our dear friends Lida and Els whose remarkable story is told in the Outhouse documentary C shells were featured on the BBC One programme The One Show this evening.

The segment coincides with the publication of Lida and Els’ new book about their shell line on the Suffolk coast at Shingle Street, the setting for their determined and creative recovery from cancer treatment.


It seems that their story of friendship, creativity and cancer recovery is striking chords with a lot of people. Their positivity, creativity and humour is a brilliant example for us all, whether our lives have been touched by cancer or not.

A few of our shots were included in the One Show package. In the UK, you can view the segment for the next month on the BBC iPlayer here

The book is available from the Kindersley Workshop and good bookshops including the Aldeburgh Bookshop, Heffers (Cambridge) and The Fitzwilliam Museum.

In response to many requests from people who have seen the film we are making it available on DVD/BluRay, very soon.

The disk contains:

  • the main film,
  • the aerial film that we used to pitch the idea to Lida and Els and
  • the film’s music soundtrack written by Mark Aaron.

If you would like to know when it is available just check back on the C shells page on this site. Even easier, if you leave you email address below we’ll get back to you.

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