Current figures show 300 hours of content being uploaded every minute of the day, to YouTube alone.

With the massively increased volume of content being uploaded to such platforms, it takes something a bit special to stand out from the crowd. People are bombarded by poor video content at every turn.

That’s where our production values can make a real difference to how your content (and by extension, your organisation) is perceived.

Our craft – your reputation

Our professional experience in photography, film, marketing, music and audio production have given us skills and insights that we bring to our work. We feel incredibly lucky to have developed skills in different fields over time; everything seems to feed back into our current toolbox to release both craft and vision to  your video production.

But none of that is important right now.

What matters is that your products and services are shown in the best possible light and that they really project your brand to your clients, customers or users as effectively as possible. Your reputation depends on it.

That’s where we come in, providing a rather special service for our clients. A service that helps them stand out from the also-rans – by approaching the task from a slightly different angle.

Cutting edge tradition


The technology of film production is rushing ahead but now and again it’s good to take a look back and learn from the past. Unlikely combinations of tradition and modernity make for really interesting and productive ways of telling your story. It’s even happening with the technology.

For example, we bring together modern cameras, vintage lenses and state-of-the-art post production facilities with a real sense of craft to give your films an innovative and compelling edge.

Cutting-Edge Tradition
Cutting-Edge Tradition

Sound principles

Synced sound arrived in the cinemas of the 1920s as “talkies“. The silent (picture-only) movies lasted barely another decade. And yet, audio-only content is still thriving almost a century later, in the form of radio.

We believe that production sound matters at least as much as the pictures.

We take real pride in our audio production to deliver pictures and sound that work together to great effect, using multi-channel audio facilities at the studio.


Light and sound brought together through craft and vision.

The nut behind the viewfinder

But whatever equipment is used, the most important element in any creative system is “the nut behind the viewfinder”.

We bring experience, perception, technical ability and creative flair to deliver films that are a credit to your work.


Our work may not be the very cheapest option but we do believe it offers great value. We know that our production standards and approach are not for everyone. That’s fine; we don’t want to work with everyone – just astute clients, like you, who can really benefit from our craft and who appreciate that value is about more than price alone.

Our purpose is to enhance your work, whatever it is, through films that people actually want to watch … again!