The lull and the storm

The lull and the storm

This time of year is traditionally very quiet for productions that entail outdoor shooting.

Not only is the weather generally pretty hostile to filming and (particularly) to shivering filmmakers but we all know that many locations really start coming into their own as the first shoots of spring emerge. At which time, of course, demand for our work increases dramatically.



Things can get pretty hectic as demand for our finite time builds. The biggest constraint is also one of our key strengths. We are a small team that likes to work that way. We could hire in crew and gear that would increase our throughput but that would be a betrayal of our fundamental principles; that we offer a personal service to our clients who know who will be working on their project.

This winter we are working on scripts and treatments for a series of documentary films, one of which is already in production because it covers a year on a rather special farm here in Suffolk. It’s good to be getting into the creative processes while the chill winds blow but it’ll be great to finally get out and get on as the spring does its thing.

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