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We love to work with committed and innovative people. We especially appreciate the fabulous local food and drink producers who are making East Anglia a burgeoning destination for lovers of “real” products.

We have a huge respect for those dedicated and hard-working folks who grow, catch and make the things that are putting East Anglia on the real food map.

This spring we have decided to donate our services to the cause.

emerging2Three deserving real food or drink producers in East Anglia will soon have a short film, professionally produced by Outhouse, to help tell their stories, showcase their products and highlight their working methods.

We’re running a simple competition to identify three producers to work with – all they have to do to get started is “pitch” us.

We are particularly interested in producers who have:

  • limited time and budget for marketing and promotion,
  • a story to tell about their products and what motivates them to keep on working to produce the best they can,


We’re waiving all our fees for winners, so their films will be entirely FREE.

Of course, we’d love to offer work with all the deserving producers for free, but that’s just not feasible. So, we’re asking interested producers to Pitch Us by the end of April to describe (briefly) why they deserve a film to help develop their business. Our panel of judges will make the selection, then the work starts. We hope that all the films will be complete by early June. Of course, they’ll be featured the Outhouse site and we’ll help winners get the films onto their own sites as well as securing coverage by food bloggers and other media.

If you are (or know) a deserving food or drink producer in East Anglia, all the details of how to enter are here. It might be the first step of a big break-through.


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