Outhouse Filmworks is the trading name used by Peter Clitheroe for film-making activity.

Although based near the Suffolk (UK) coast Outhouse clients are distributed across Europe as well as locally.

Peter Clitheroe

I’ve been involved in video production in one capacity or another since the early 1970s when I was working in Los Angeles and one of the first music videos featured a band I was tour managing at the time.

A few years later I became involved in creating video for learning, initially lugging around a huge reel-to-reel video recorder (yes, they really did exist, even before the days of U-matic, VHS and Betamax).

With the advent of HD video in cameras that didn’t have to be connected to a recorder with a half-inch thick cable, I launched out producing more learning materials for UK government sponsored programmes and promotional DVDs for a variety of clients, including holiday rental companies.

These days I’m exploiting the delights of using vintage lenses on modern cameras.

Recent productions include documentary films shot in the UK and Spain, promotional content for holiday rental companies, performance and short documentary films for musicians and showcase shorts on food producers, an amazing vintage motorsport event and a longer-form documentary about a Norfolk Chalk Stream. I mostly work solo but I’m able to bring in selected freelancers as and when required.

My business motto: “Do some good, make some money, have some fun.”

The Outhouse approach to working with clients

  • Work to high ethical and business standards.
  • Only accept commissions which we believe we can deliver to the standards required by the client and our own reputation.
  • Only work with clients involved in legal and ethically sound enterprises.
  • Work with clients to help clarify their needs and create productions which exceed expectations.
  • “Story” is at the heart of Outhouse productions to create engaging films that connect with viewers at an emotional level.
  • Sorry, no weddings, christenings or bar mitzvahs.

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